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Welcome to Spinel Consulting, LLC serving pharmacies and the pharmaceutical industry

Spinel Consulting, LLC is owned and operated by Sherri Cherman, Pharm.D., a 25 year veteran in the pharmacy industry with a varied background from Board Member and President of a large Specialty Pharmacy company to Patient Advocate and Philanthropist. Infectious optimism and relentless passion to help others thrive drive Spinel Consulting's success and growth.

In 2014, Sherri started Spinel Consulting, LLC to help other pharmacy healthcare professionals achieve their business goals, offering a wide range of services to propel businesses forward.

In 2015, Sherri introduced an additional significant offering. Based on her experiences, she recognized her unique qualification for creating programs to optimize medication regimens for which health plans are paying dearly and on which patients are dependent for health and life. Ensuring that desired outcomes are achieved and costs are controlled is a vital need missing a great solution. Certain therapeutic categories are extremely challenging for all stakeholders. As the number of therapeutic categories and population density affected continues to rise, so too will the challenge of drug optimization from the patient, pharmacy and payor perspectives. Sherri’s methodology for optimizing drug utilization through ongoing proactive and interventional assessments and touch points will help patients get the most from their therapy, help payors control costs and help pharmacies provide the necessary clinical value beyond dispensing prescriptions.

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